Roadside Sign Rentals

  • Sign rental pricing includes Delivery/Setup and Removal.
  • To request a sign rental, please complete our sign order form.
  • The City of Guelph requires a Mobile Sign Permit that allows for a 30 day display period. These permits are $85. Guelph Mobile Signs will take care the City’s paperwork and application process for you. No Need to visit City Hall yourself. We have no added fee for this service, we’re happy to help! City of Guelph mobile sign application forms can be found Here.

We have 4 great sign rental options:


Sidewalk Signs for Purchase

We also have various sidewalk signs available for purchase directly through our website here.

  • A great way to attract foot traffic, Sidewalk Signs make a big statement at storefronts. These signs are convenient to display and easy to update.
  • Many municipalities allow the use of a sidewalk sign year-round.

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